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New Jobmail launched for the transport, logistics and supply chain industry

08 October 2012

TandLnews.com.au, the Australian B2B news website for the transport and logistics industry, has partnered with jobla to bring its readers a dedicated email that showcases 25 senior transport, logistics and supply chain industry jobs each week. “The Jobmai... read full story

The Importance Of Outplacement

25 September 2012

‘In today’s global economy’ is a sentence fragment all too often read. The underpinning cause for utterance can be either genuine or alarmist depending on the context and source. Despite the obviously bleak situations and predictions in the press and by t... read full story

5 Tips for Interviewing

11 July 2012

For most people, the interview is the most challenging part of the job seeking process, so we thought we'd provide 5 tips to help. Hopefully these will make the interview process a little less daunting. 1.    Prepare adequately W... read full story

The Dangers of Using Jargon

10 July 2012

A recent Forbes article pointed the finger at the increasing use of jargon, and it made me laugh. Although the article was light-hearted in intent, it rings very true and provides a timely reminder for all of us. I often see jargon on CVs and hear it duri... read full story

Should photos be on CVs?

09 July 2012

"The Voice" has become the hot topic of conversation in our office, with (nearly) everyone captivated by the TV show. And as it draws to a close with the finale tonight, it's made us question the role 'personal presentation' plays in industries other than... read full story

The Interview......How to Ensure you Secure your Dream Job!

27 June 2012

After thoroughly assessing your motivations, searching various job boards and apply for a number of roles you’re interested in, you’ve been asked by a Hiring Manager or Recruiter  to come in and talk further about your background, the role you’ve applied ... read full story

16 example questions that you can ask during an interview

18 June 2012

You may want to stimulate your thinking by reviewing the list of “Sample Questions” although don’t rely on generic questions such as “What are your company’s future plans?” Until you get the job offer or the decision to pass you on to the nex... read full story

Matching your strengths to your target companies profile

15 June 2012

Once you have the relevant company information, you will need to work out the best way to convey what you can do and to demonstrate how you will add value to the organisation. The best way to convince the boss that you can solve the problems and do the ne... read full story

Prepare Answers to Difficult Interview Questions

14 June 2012

In addition to asking insightful questions, you’ll want to be prepared to answer questions. Although many of your interactions will be quite informal and seemingly unstructured, there will be some interviewers who are quite incisive in their style, asking... read full story

Your Job search....Where to begin?

04 June 2012

It’s always a very daunting task when you finally decide it’s time for a new job.  It may be that you’ve been thinking about it for a while or suddenly you’ve woken one morning realising this job that you go to day in and day out, really isn’t for you.  E... read full story